tramper mobility scooter manual

tramper mobility scooter manual

Beamer Limited have been building Trampers, 4 and 3 wheelers, for over 20 years and the amazing thing is the original 5 are still out there, taking their owners over hill and dale, or just to the shops. scooter scooter pdf manual download. This is probably the safest way to protect yourself from bad weather as it allows you to maintain full visibility. Countryside Mobility and National Trust are currently working to develop new sites in the west of Cornwall to ensure that opportunities continue to be provided and, ideally, expand. 0000003889 00000 n

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A stick holder, to carry your canes and crutches with you when using your Tramper mobility scooter. As these are confirmed the details will be available through both the Countryside Mobility and National Trust websites and social media. You’ll need to switch it back to drive mode when you’re ready to use it again. 0000018705 00000 n %PDF-1.7 %���� Mobility UK brings you the UK's biggest selection of electric mobility scooters and powerchairs at the lowest price in the UK. A mobility scooter using the pathways at Penrose. Some Class 2 scooters also have lights. They are larger than Class 2 scooters and can be driven up to 8mph (although the 4mph limit still applies when you're on pavements). Over 3 years ago we began working in partnership with the Countryside Mobility project to provide a ‘Tramper’ all-terrain mobility scooter for visitors with mobility difficulties to use to explore Penrose. You can pack them into a car boot by folding or dismantling them. The Tramper routes have proved popular, especially given the coastal views that they offer. 0000003294 00000 n has also been sent to you. You can buy different sizes – the larger and heavier the battery, the longer it will last. Safety and reliability are critical to the design criteria.

0000021354 00000 n Tramper Mobility Scooters provide all-terrain mobility for the less-abled since 1998 with over two thousand scooters across the UK and worldwide. Scooters have three to five wheels. You can view or download any document listed here. And because Trampers are battery powered, they care for the environment because they motor in silence and without creating harmful emissions. Making outdoor trails in the Lake District and Yorkshire accessible to people with disabilities or limited mobility. ��EgL ����h`6��h```RJ��� Also feel free to read our local agents ethics  standards.

The efficient electric motor combined with an incredibly strong chassis means it can be used as more than just a mobility scooter. mobility scooter is constructed for use both indoors and outdoors . 0000000736 00000 n 0000002294 00000 n Both National Trust and Countryside Mobility share the disappointment that this has ultimately proved impossible. Other useful accessories include plastic covers for the scooter controls, scooter bags that attach to the back of the seat, walking stick holders and waterproof seat covers. A copy of the email notifying them This allows you to control your speed from slow to the model’s top speed. {name} your local agent has been notified and will be contacting Pride Apex Spirit mobility scooter Brochure, Quickie Jive F Powerchair prescription form, Quickie Jive M Powerchair prescription form, Quickie Salsa M Electric Wheelchair Brochure, Quickie Salsa M Electric Wheelchair Owners Guide, Quickie Salsa M Electric Wheelchair Prescription Form, Quickie Hula Powerchair prescription form, Roma Shoprider Marbella Power Chair Brochure, Roma Shoprider Marbella Power Chair Manual, STERLING Little Star Mobility Scooter Brochure, STERLING Little Star Mobility Scooter Manual, Roma shoprider MIKRA mobility scooter brochure, Roma shoprider MIKRA mobility scooter manual. 0000044677 00000 n

��u� � QP5;��t9t1�qia V��20V3%2p0�2�g�ef. The engineering excellence designed into Trampers helped us to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation; the only UK mobility scooter manufacturer to do so. (Hire fleet Trampers are limited to 4mph) They are all listed on this website. We pride ourselves on reliability and comfort, with suspension that will soak up bumps.

Sms: 07958 517919. You can view our full privacy policy here, Trampers Privacy Policy. You can view our full privacy policy here, Trampers Privacy Policy. If you want to try one there are over 100 on sites all around the country including the National Trust where you can hire one, or the Countryside Mobility South West with 40. The Tramper comes with an incredibly powerful motor and can cope with weights of up to 25st. Depending on your thumb control, you can control the speed by applying gentler or firmer pressure. It is intended to increase the mobility of persons who are both physically and mentally capable of assessing any driving situations correctly and reacting correspondingly to them at any time. We work with a variety of partners who hire out our Tramper mobility scooters at their visitor attractions across the south west, to enable people with limited mobility to enjoy and access to the countryside.

In fact some of our clients use it as an all-electric towing machine making it a real work horse.

155 0 obj <> endobj xref 155 22 0000000016 00000 n To View all of our Solax Mobility Scooters, visit the Solax Mobility Scooters page. 0000049074 00000 n Welcome to Mobility UK The widest selection and best possible mobility scooter and powered wheelchair prices across the UK. {name} your local agent has been notified and will be contacting A scooter cape that covers your body (and sometimes the scooter, too) with a hole for your head can be bought for less than £50. Its rear section contains the driving mechanism (motor, gearbox and axle) and in some models this is detachable. Please call us on 01794 884766 or send us your details using the button above. This is the base of the mobility scooter, usually made of metal or fibreglass. By filling in your details you are opting in to giving us the permission to send you information on the Tramper Scooters. If you live in a hilly area or you are at the heavier end of the weight capacity, the battery will drain more quickly. 0000002660 00000 n Beamer Tramper Mobility Scooter Outdoor cover has been regularly serviced and kept on charger. Tramper mobility scooter at Penrose. Flashing beacon for extra visability and greater traffic awareness.

You can narrow down your options based on the specs you're after from choosing a folding or dismantling scooter, to whether you can remove the battery to charge it off-board.

We understand that this will come as a disappointment to many existing and potential users. Some allow you to limit the speed to 4mph. They should be driven no faster than 4mph.

The battery indicator allows you to judge how much battery power you have left and gauge how much distance your scooter will travel (but watch out – it's not particularly accurate in some models). The Tramper does everything you said it would, the only things it wont tackle so far are styles and kissing gates! This makes them easier to steal so if you don't have a secure place to store your scooter, go for one with an ignition. Wheels attach here, too. This information will be used for internal use only and under no circumstances will be passed to third-parties.

Understanding the Tramper’s range. Miles without stiles. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. List of mobility electric scooter and powered chairs brochures, specs, prescriptions and user manuals.

trailer <<31D99F2602DF44B69703B093C709B3F9>]/Prev 1179292>> startxref 0 %%EOF 176 0 obj <>stream Contact us here for Demonstrations, Enquiries, and AfterCare. These can be driven on pavements and in shopping areas. The Tramper is an all electric vehicle which uses the best components and benefits from over 20 years of continuous development, with innovative constant improvements. Some larger scooters have traditional brakes. you shortly from  {mobile}.

Clearly we must require you to test drive the Tramper to ensure you’re both comfortable and able to drive it - we’ll even bring it to you so that you can trial it where you’ll be using it most!

You don't need a driving licence to operate one but you'll need to register the scooter with the DVLA. Keep in touch. This sits on the top of the tiller, usually on the handlebars. This can be useful if you want to take your scooter with you for a day out.

Light, accurate and precise steering gives a feeling of safety and security that Tramper owners love. On some models, the seat swivels and locks and the armrests flip up to allow you to get on and off the mobility scooter more easily. The lever you press with your thumb to make the scooter go forwards or backwards. A scooter cape that covers your body (and sometimes the scooter, too) with a hole for your head can be bought for less than £50.

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