trademe garage sales

trademe garage sales

This group is for Garage Sales, Markets, Fairs and similar events, anywhere in the Canterbury region. Nigel’s had great success on Trademe too and much of our furniture has gone for more than we had thought possible, especially where little bidding wars have erupted. Nov 03.

Success fees are calculated differently for in-trade sellers – check out our fees page for more info. Do you go to the auction on thursdays at haywards? Howick Kids Market. For examples and more information, check out the Commerce Commission guidelines on working out whether you may be in-trade. If I have a need to go garage-saleing in Wanganui, there's usually 5-15 advertised on a Saturday morning, and that's somewhere as small as Wanganui. For example, if you’re listing in the Jobs, Property, Flatmates wanted or Services categories, the in-trade label won’t appear. For Garage Sales look here Garage Sales are such fun.

Most of the ‘stuff’ had been carted from one house to the next over the last several years, and most of it had been useful at one time or another, but it no longer fitted with our plans for the future – not that we can be certain about those for more than about six months! Anna wants to expand into selling online. October, 2020. If you’re not in-trade, then you won’t have to make any changes to your membership settings. Auckland . However, where it is clear given the volume, value, and consistency of your trading on Trade Me, that you're 'in-trade', we may take steps to ensure you turn on the in-trade label. Nov 05. I even tried listing them in the Buy, Sell, Exchange paper, but have received no calls from there either. He has since decided to slim down his collection and recently started selling these games on Trade Me.

If you want to check out the legal wording, you can find it within the Fair Trading Act. Prices for second hand goods in Christchurch had been low, but with many workers coming into Christchurch for the rebuild there seem to be a lot of people setting up fully self-contained houses and flats as rentals and this seems to have pushed prices up again.

120 Picton st Howick. 740 Sandringham Road, Wesley Flea Market and GARAGE SALE Bargains Galore 7am to 12pm . Horders still use garage sales when they realise they have a problem, or people going overseas sometimes. Auckland. The rest of our belongings will be in our packs, on our backs.

18-20 Kitchener Road, Sandringham G.SALE.

Sam realizes he could make some money from importing more PlayStation games. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you're listing items on Trade Me that you initially bought or acquired for your own personal use, then you won’t usually be selling them in-trade. You can change your status from your My Trade Me page. 18-20 Kitchener Road, Sandringham Flea Market and garage sale Bargains Galore start 7am to 12pm. Factors that will help determine whether you’re in-trade, include if you: For examples and more information, check out the Commerce Commission guidelines on working out whether you may be in-trade. Our biggest concern at the moment is our cars. Click Here to see more Garage Sales in Washington!

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