rabbit breed id

rabbit breed id

Holland Lop rabbits are a small breed that have a short, stocky and almost boxy body type, somewhat resembling that of a Bulldog.

They are relatively easy to house, as their weight is in the ballpark of 4.5 lbs. American Fuzzy Lops, or “Fuzzies” as they are commonly referred to as, are quite the social-butterflies of the rabbit world. 2.

Being medium sized, about 8-9lbs, “Sables” are easy to care for, keep, and raise for showing, as well as for having as a pet. Netherland Dwarf’s are a small, highly energetic breed of rabbit. Get to know more about this American rabbit breed!

The Californian rabbit is a commercial breed, which are primarily known for showing and meat production. There are quite a few colors to choose from with this breed, and they are generally an excellent choice as a pet, and for showing purposes. Or do you want to know what breeds exist? All others are four-class breeds. These calm, easy-natured bunnies are typically around 12lbs in weight, and are readily available in multiple colors. They are social, friendly, and energetic bunnies. Most owners of English Lops choose to show them, however they are well suited as nice pets. They are good-natured, calm bunnies which make a nice choice for beginner-owners as well as for the more experienced owners.

They are common, also, in the rabbit show arenas. Learn more about Dutch rabbits! The way the rabbit would be entered and shown at an ARBA show. The American Sable is a beautiful sable- colored breed, available in two varieties. Another option may be a rabbit with fur that is velvety-soft. They generally weigh around 2.5lbs, and they have short erect ears and can be found in many colors. Due to their size and personalities, Holland Lops are very popular as show and pet rabbits. This quiz is incomplete! May be the same as Showroom Classification, or it may be totally different. They were formerly named the “German Blue Vienna”, later renamed as the “American Blue”, and now, with the latest name of The American Standard. 6 class, Variety: see abyssian, Peruvian Satin 5 Questions Show answers. Otherwise, they are small, with short lopped ears, and they easily-kept; weighing an average of 3.5lbs. 6 class, Variety: see abyssian, Silkie Satin To play this quiz, please finish editing it. The Beveren is a highly energetic & curious breed, yet they are known as gentle and docile. 6 class, Variety: see abyssian, White Crested Holland Lop rabbits are a small breed that have a short, stocky and almost boxy body type, somewhat resembling that of… If choosing a Netherland Dwarf as a pet or for show purposes, it is suggested to choose wisely, especially if the bunny is intended for a child. Learn why holland lops are considered to be the cutest rabbit pets! Question 1

Due to their medium size, weighing up to 12lbs, they require ample space as living conditions. These bunnies typically have a peaceful and friendly disposition, making them one of the more favored breeds for children to have a pet and for showing. They have been nicknamed the “Aristocrat” of the rabbit world, and are available in 7 standard base colors. Showroom Classification. Flemish Giant 4-class or 6-class. The average weight of this breed is typically plus or minus that of 3.5lbs.

Do you like our rabbit breeds article? If you are serious about ARBA breed identification, you should identify four items for each rabbit: 1. Or jump to one of our in-depth breed articles!

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