peugeot 2008 engine noise

peugeot 2008 engine noise

If you wish to know more about eventual problems of a specific car (e.g. The wheel alignment of the front axle may be incorrect. ), Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The six-speed manual gearbox doesn’t have the pleasant slickness of the 'boxes you find in some of its rivals, such as the Puma, T-Roc and Kamiq, but it's far from unpleasant to use. Peugeot even recreated the TV ad with the launch of the 208 GTi 30th Anniversary Edition. Anyway, back to the Golf. Engine: 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel, 101bhp, Fuel consumption: 54.1-62.7mpg Co2: 96g/km. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. i haven't driven much since, i did try to figure out if the links and bushings are fine, which they seem to me. I think I’ve finally got used to it and it does work particularly well when you’ve got the 3D screen. The steering has a weighty feel to it, which is something that I love, but to others (who might be coming from non-performance cars) it could be seen as too heavy. Tip: Reliability of the Peugeot 208. I purchased my VW Golf GTI brand new back in 2008. Mirror Motoring's Colin Goodwin says the quiet and refined Peugeot 2008 is very good looking and quiet on the motorway with little wind or engine noise - and can give you up to 62mpg If any car in the last 10 years could fall into the “future classic” category, the little Golf definitely has its hand up. There’s no doubt the 2008 would have a more comfortable ride on smaller (and lighter) wheels, but it’s still impressively refined over bumps and quiet on the motorway with little wind or engine noise. Based on Weekly overview reports of RAPEX notifications, published free of charge in English on, © European Union, 2005 – 2020. The gearshift action is slick and precise and it’s rare to miss a gear, even when rushing it. The origin of horsepower – the true story behind the term rev-heads take for granted, 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 P400 S off-road review, Golf news, reviews, comparisons and videos, Accessible performance, Solid build quality, Practicality of a hatchback, All the car you should ever need, Visually understated, A bit clinical, The hot hatch game has moved on. PEUGEOT 2008 (23/02/2015 – 13/03/2015) RECALL: Problem description: There is a possibility that the internal corrosion protection of the front subframe ... […], PEUGEOT 2008 (01/02/2017 – 12/04/2019) RECALL: Problem description: The calibration of the engine management software could result in emissions of NOx ... . Find the answer to this and other Peugeot questions on JustAnswer. Post your listing here - anything from alloy wheels to xenon bulbs, post it here. They believe only 5% of customers will buy the diesel SUV, while 10% will want the green model. The boot is the same size, even for the EV version, and has a two-storey floor so you can hide charging cables away. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are shown as Manufacturer's The Golf makes a good noise, but the XR5’s offbeat 5-cylinder engine is hard to beat. The steering wheel adjusts for reach and rake, and combined with a seat which drops right to the floor, you would be hard to find a person that could not set it up to their liking. One must keep one eye on the road, and one eye on the speedo, as before you know it, you have reached “minus demerit points speed”. I have held on to this one since new, so I think I will hang onto it as long as I can. The GT Line looks the best as it has its own detailing on the outside and also benefits from a bit of extra glitz on the inside. MORE: Golf news, reviews, comparisons and videosMORE: Everything Volkswagen. Fingers crossed that happens, because it could lead to a Toyota GR Yaris Cross. The Toyota Yaris Cross city SUV looks ready for anything, with its high-riding stance and nimble appearance. Need anything shifting, and fast? Our test car is in GT Line specification which means it costs £26,500 before any goodies are added. In April 2009, a recall was issued for Peugeot T7 308 hatch vehicles due to the alternator wiring harness potentially being incorrectly positioned and rubbing on the metal bracket bolted to the engine beside the alternator ( PRA 2009/10720 ). i haven't driven much since, i did try to figure out if the links and bushings are fine, which they seem to me. real mileage, potential traffic accidents damages, odometer rollback, repairs, etc. We haven't tried this in the latest 2008, but it's our favourite engine in the closely related 208 so it should be up to the job. Off-topic. Latest 208’s Issues in the EU. So… Apple CarPlay and Android Auto… Nope! Here's how new restrictions effect treatment, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said people in England are allowed to leave their homes to seek medical treatment under the fresh lockdown rules as he urged people to continue to use the NHS. Outside, the car is subtly aggressive. Toyota continues to smash its own record for hybrid car sales in Australia, with more than one in every five vehicles it has sold so far this year driven by petrol-electric power. My first and only other car I have ever owned was a Peugeot 205 GTi.
The 300km/h speedo is wishful thinking, but looks super cool. The 8-speed automatic is excellent. General Forum for Car Dealer Magazine readers to ask questions and share advice.

In December, 2008, this recall was re-issued for models manufactured from February 2008 to June 2008 (PRA 2008/10531). Pick the best engine and compare performance with similar cars. The MkV saw the return to form for not only Volkswagen, but the hot hatch segment.

Seriously, watch the TV ad on YouTube of it being bombed by military aircraft… you will not be disappointed. The rear brake hoses may have been incorrectly routed. This can lead to loss of control over the vehicle, … . The petrol lineup starts with a 99bhp 1.2-litre turbo (badged Puretech 100). (We had to add that last part for good reason, sadly. Approved members can offer cars for sale. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Not as sexy as the 508 saloon or estate, and not quite as fetching as the 208 hatchback on which the 2008 is based, but still a swish design. The 2008 has relatively soft suspension that allows it to waft along A-roads and motorways remarkably smoothly. How to do it, we give advice on a special page. This ­scenario would have been impossible to predict five years ago. Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest Peugeot 207 issues & faults. Going against the predicted trend we’re testing the car with the 1.5-litre 101bhp diesel engine but will try out the all-electric soon. After that drive, I found that the GTI was one of the best cars I had ever driven. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Check to see if all of the potential problems with your Peugeot 208 have been resolved in the past. The diesel engine is refined and quiet and can return up to 62.7mpg. It had everything I wanted in a car; performance and practicality. The Peugeot 2008 SUV we’re testing comes in petrol, diesel and all-electric versions, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Don’t get me wrong, the XR5 was a very good car, but the only thing “I” thought it did better than the GTI, was the noise it made. Only a bit of wind noise at motorway speeds blights an otherwise glowing report.
By ... Sold a 64 plate Peugeot 2008 Crossover 1.6 HDi nice low 31k miles. The Active trim is the cheapest at £21,750 and nudged in between is the Allure at £23,950.

However, around town it can struggle to deal with larger surface imperfections; hit a pothole and you'll feel a shockwave ripple through the car. The official contact points of the Member and EFTA-EEA States provide the information published in these weekly overviews. This trim, and the Allure, also get Peugeot’s natty 3D digital instrument pack which made its debut on the 208 last year. The noise started first on bad roads, soon after on any road, freshly paved or full of potholes, doesn't matter.

Enjoy the adventures of Andy Capp and wife Flo every day, Perishers originally ran from 1959 to 2006.

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