ford focus battery warning light reset

ford focus battery warning light reset

If the Ford Focus ABS dashboard warning light illuminates whilst driving, it indicates there is a malfunction within the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). The lane departure warning light will illuminate when the system is deactivated or in conjunction with a message. If the battery is drained out, the system is unlikely to read any method of trying to reset it. Stay vigilant about your check engine light. Ford Focus cruise control indicator light. If it flashes whilst driving, reduce speed immediately. The system monitors lane discipline and warns of lane drifting. Only a flashing red light means pull over immediately. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on? We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. For less serious issues (assuming the vehicle is operating normally), the light will stay on but remain steady. There is a light that flashes when my car is off.

Have you checked whether there’s any important messages to read?

Dashboard warning lights, or dashboard symbols, are designed to let you know when there’s a problem with your vehicle. It can be extremely stressful: You’re on the road, away from home, with a warning light flash glowing on your dashboard.

This snowflake symbol warns the driver that frost or ice is present. Certain Ford Focus dashboard warning lights will illuminate when the engine ignition is switched on, such as: If a warning light or information indicator light does not illuminate when the ignition is switched on, it indicates a malfunction. If you’re at the appropriate amount, do not move your car—have it towed to the nearest mechanic. This symbol illuminates for a brief second when you turn the engine on to indicate that it’s functional. Schedule a service appointment for your vehicle as soon as possible.

Charging System: If you’re driving while this light comes on, switch off all unnecessary electrical equipment that you may have running and get your vehicle checked by an authorized mechanic immediately. Contact us at Mainland Ford to talk to an expert. It’s the immobiliser system – the light flashing letting you know the system is armed. For further information on how Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABSs) work, the Anti-Lock Braking System guide explains what they do, how they work and how they benefit drivers in controlling their vehicle. Yellow lights typically indicate a less-serious problem.

Sounds like it’s possibly the immobiliser light. Do not drive the vehicle. Ford Focus titanium X 63 plate. System should be checked by a qualified technician immediately.

If it does not illuminate after turning on the ignition, if the symbol illuminate continuously during driving, it indicates a malfunction. Airbag dashboard light . Any Idea what that light means? The cruise control indicator dashboard light will illuminate on the Ford Focus when a speed has been set and cruise control has been activated.

There is a red flashing light on the top left-hand side of the steering wheel. Grade assist can be activated either by a button located on the dashboard or on the gear shifter. Switch the vehicle off as soon as possible and let the engine cool down. 02 Focus 1.8 tdci. Sensors detect outside air temperature. Red flashing book on dashboard when engine stopped ? Typically, the usual reason is a fault with the faulty glow plug relay or a fault with the glow plugs.

As soon as it’s safe to do so, stop the vehicle and turn off the engine. Engine Light: One of the most sensitive lights on a Ford, the check engine light has two warning levels.

I have a 2005 Ford Focus. The blind spot monitor light will illuminate when the feature is deactivated or in conjunction with a message.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Low Fuel: This is one of the most common and least threatening warning lights.

Engine Oil Pressure: This is one of the more critical warning lights.

Hi Randall,

Our talented and certified staff of Ford Technicians will ensure that—regardless of how many lights are on when your vehicle arrives at our shop—all lights will be off when you pick up your car.

The engine warning light should extinguish when the engine is running. Activating grade assist helps to prevent too much stress being put on the transmission or the brakes. Here’s the thing. Minor failures like a loose gas cap can cause warning lights to pop on, startling many drivers. I just bought the car 1 month ago and that light came on twice. All I can think of is traction control (car with two wavy lines) or hill decent (car with a line under it set at an angle). Light symbols may vary slightly depending on when your car was manufactured and in which country it was made. Ford Focus red cog with red exclamation mark warning light. See warning light at top of page. Any ideas? there is a piture of a wrench in the lower left corner what does that mean.

For less serious issues (assuming the vehicle is operating normally), the light will stay on but remain steady. check engine oil levels – see how to check engine oil, but do not resume the journey even if oil levels are correct.

Will I make it home?”. If I shut the car off and whenI restart it the light is off.

Finally, green or blue (occasionally even white) lights indicate a particular feature or system, like high beams, has been activated and is working properly. Have the system checked by properly trained technician. Symbol should extinguish when engine is turned on. Have you ever been driving along, enjoying the sun and some good tunes, when all of a sudden you hear beep and see a light flash on your dashboard? The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) may not be available on earlier verions of the Ford Focus. Sounds like it’s a traction control light that’s used on older versions of the Ford Focus. Check your coolant levels. If it begins to flash or does not illuminate when turning on your vehicle, have your system checked by a professional as soon as possible.

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