aura rosser obituary

aura rosser obituary

Then-Police Chief John Seto also announced he was reviewing diversity training programs for officers. Firm releases comprehensive report: But if we’re going to be, somehow, any sort of exception, then you have to go beyond the bare minimum.

According to our meeting notes, we raised nearly $3,000.

It makes no sense!” (10).

“We must renounce the president and his apologists.”. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices.

[4] It really was not much for a family, but it was $3,000 more than our “liberal” or “progressive” government gave to Rosser’s family. We have to struggle to envision and implement more humane and democratic institutions, or arrangements. This was struggle. Black scholars, especially Black women scholars, and activists paid attention, though. Mayor Taylor’s Facebook statement on Rosser’s death, however, moved me to write. But, from the perspective of a radical, what they devised was an elite-driven model that was in closer proximity to state institutions. The longer Rosser’s family has to wait for justice, the longer we wait for changes to the local justice system, the more we will demand. 4. I just added this decision to the growing list of disappointments in the state failing to actually protect black people and hold state actors accountable for murder. They published the product of all of their intellectual labor, the People’s Retort to the Prosecutor’s Report, in April 2015. Also, the city released the name of the officer — David Ried.

We organized. Fundraising is no substitute for justice, but it had to do.

I was not aware of folks planning the chant. In a reprise of the New York Times Michael Brown is “no angel” article, the Michigan State Police’s and the County Prosecutor’s reports focused on Rosser’s mental health, drug use, and criminal past. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. The preamble of the task force proposed ordinance is a deplorable rant filled with bias and prejudice against law enforcement.

[4] Meeting notes. The action was also internationalist as we gathered in solidarity to recognize apartheid in Palestine and the students disappeared in Ayotzinapa, Mexico.

One of the organizers, Kyera Singleton, a PhD student, began to articulate an antiracist and gender analysis of Rosser’s murder, one that we all would articulate. Radicals argued that society should focus on the real criminals — the police, corporations who pollute the environment, and individuals like Richard Nixon. You can’t be like Trump. A2F launched the fundraiser online in December, then held a community event after our May Day march in 2015. What Mayor Taylor confused with ruckus, we call political struggle. 13. Like all movement organizations, especially those relatively ideologically and politically diverse, we experienced much internal tension. Ironically, as Taylor denied that race played a factor in Rosser’s death, his actions only illustrated how much the city and county government’s response to her death resembled that of the authorities in St. Louis, Cleveland and New York City, all of which exonerated police officers for killing Black Americans and then downplayed the fact that police officers kill Black Americans at a disproportionate rate. Rosser’s partner, Victor Stephens, claimed Rosser attacked him with a kitchen knife in the 911 call.

Focus on her poverty.

It is true. Ultimately, the state investigates, exonerates, and then elevates itself in its history of political change.

Also, many of us started organizing around other issues, including the appearance of misogynist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, and racist white nationalist posters on campus. Now, I am not commenting on any personal or professional relationships that some individual activists might have with the mayor. Initially, several University of Michigan Law students and other members of Ann Arbor to Ferguson started working with the Human Rights Commission to develop a plan. Folks in power always seek to reframe and defang political struggle conducted by radicals and those among the grassroots. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. It is no surprise that the city painted Ried in a glowing light and minimized Raab’s role. The city’s press release read, in part: “Officer Dave Ried was the officer who discharged his firearm in this incident. “She was a really sweet girl. Condemning white supremacy (as Mayor Taylor has done) and racism sounds good to the ear.

Don’t you want to get things done?” I will always respond with, “Sure.

But they do not ignore us when we build enough mass power to protest and disrupt their usual practices.”. The organization advocated for reasonable demands challenging the privilege of police power in the accountability process.

All of our calls for oversight led to a three year odyssey that, again, demonstrated the inability of the city’s bureaucracy to instill more accountability into the system of policing. 1.

So, it’s true. It is necessary to offer a counter narrative and counter programming. But, we have gotten some things done and we have done so while maintaining something that no politician nor agent of the state will ever be able to take from us — our dignity.”, Obviously, one response to this could be, “Well, they can ignore you.” Me: “They already do, even when we engage them in their institutions.
Activists forced the Mayor to deliver the punchline, but we failed to set up the joke. While we were organizing, Michigan State Police investigated Ried’s use of lethal force. How Haitian “zombie” folklore entered the American imagination. Today, we still assemble to honor her memory and to affirm that Black Lives Matter. I believe Taylor and the city failing to deliver justice to Rosser make their remarks contradictory, at best, if not disingenuous. But what else is not true is that we did not care to reduce harm in the short-term and that we were a parenthetical comment or a footnote in the narrative of political struggle around policing in Ann Arbor.

“’The snail-like movement of this process makes me wonder whether or not city government wants citizen oversight. He has also expressed a degree of dissatisfaction at Rosser’s death.

The Police Officers Association of Michigan sent a letter to Mayor Taylor days before this meeting expressing their dissatisfaction. See Some members of Ann Arbor for Alliance for Black Lives, “Ann Arbor Alliance for Black Lives, “Ann Arbor Alliance for Black Lives,” Viewpoint Magazine. Some may ask what justice would look like after a police officer shoots and kills a citizen. I am not surprised. But, in the following comments, I sought to echo Singleton by way of Frances Beal: “The crucial difference is that Rosser is black and female.

On December 15, around 100 people gathered at City Hall for a protest.


We mobilized and moved more swiftly for justice for Aura Rosser and her family.

Here’s a piece members of Ann Arbor Alliance for Black Lives wrote for Viewpoint Magazine while they carried on the struggle for justice for Rosser and her family. 5. I recall at one meeting where the representatives from Hillard Heintze presented their report at city council. Even in Ann Arbor, law enforcement expenditures took up 25% of Ann Arbor’s police budget in 2018.

The HRC’s recommendations, however, called for more citizen engagement with state institutions with little protections of those who might issue complaints.[5].

The HRC failed to adopt any of A2F’s demands. Remember that liberal positions regarding police are conservative in the sense that such a view desires to support law enforcement’s, or the state’s, presumption of monopoly control over the threat, and use of, institutional and collective violence. We issued demands. Appraisals of Rosser’s character in the local media and in the prosecutor’s report reads more like the characterizations of Ezell Ford and Michael Brown.”. I also want to recognize that I have the privilege of time, compared to some others, to write this. He continued the city’s policy of evasion in response to the killing. I cannot fathom the pain they must be feeling this time every year. Abbey-Lambertz quoted Singleton: “It’s really important that we break the silence about who’s a victim of police violence,” Singleton said. We were stunned and hurt. We will not stop until Black women’s lives matter to the University, Washtenaw County and the state of Michigan. Austin McCoy is a Rackham student and an organizer with Ann Arbor to Ferguson. Appearing the day before the Peoples’ Retort, the ACLU released the results of its investigation and raised the same question as the authors of the Retort: “Police claim Ms. Rosser approached two officers with a raised knife. To state that the City of Ann Arbor ‘acknowledges that law enforcement, across the nation, have historically defended and enforced racism and segregation’ is nothing less than a direct attack on Ann Arbor police officers. This is not entirely untrue. Rosser’s family is still waiting for justice. Today, more than ever, we ask: Who killed Aura Rosser?

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