alex loop antenna

alex loop antenna

I am really interested in pedestrian mobile so I feel this product is right for me. The two loops are isolated, with no electrical contact between the inner loop and the outer loop. •Frequency sweep plots: SWR, Impedance,... Read more, Episode 179: A Christmas Truce, from HamRadioNow HRN YouTube Channel : Link Read more, ARRL CW Rookie Roundup Returns on December 21, Three-band portable dipole antenna system, Amateur Radio Transponders on Planned Chinese Satellites to Include HF, BAOFENG UV-82 Dual Band Handheld Transceiver Radio Walkie Talkie, Interest in Ham Radio soaring as country grips with virus outbreak, South African Telecoms Regulator Cancels 2,100 Ham Licenses, Copyright © 2010-2020 All Rights Reserved - Rodrigo Tarikian - PY2KC, A first look at the NEW Xiegu GSOC.

The unique low profile design offers a solution for antenna restricted hams and short wave listeners. Just use a piece of RG-213 coaxial cable for the loop, and have fun. The AlexLoop Walkham Small Magnetic Loop antenna can be quickly mounted and disassembled for easy carrying. No matter how fast you turn the AlexLoop tuning knob the LED will always shine when passing over the ideal tuning point. 1 If you have the AlexLoop previous version or a factory manufactured AlexLoop cloned copy or even your own home brew made Portable Magnetic Loop that uses PL259 connectors you can buy the clip-on AlexTune version and update your Portable Magnetic Loop. First QSO in the bag. The perfect companion for the traveling ham. Yes AlexLoop weight 34 Oz. A discreet antenna that can be used and finally removed from the window or balcony once radio communications have been completed. Privacy and Security Monday through Friday. The photo shows the AlexLoop on a window or balcony operation (the ideal so-lution for antenna restricted hams and shortwave listeners). Your web browser appears to be out of date. DX Engineering offers both upgraded versions, the AlexLoop Walkham Premier Antenna (without AlexTune) and the … Main goal is to review and promote ham-radio web sites, classifying them in categories. AHD ALEX (Alexandre Grimberg). Although the AlexLoop doesn't have the same signal strength of a full-sized antenna like a dipole, it does not require supports, or any room at all, to set up. Alex has developed this antenna bringing costantly improvements since more then ten years. Might be a cool add on to consider, Alex. This outer conductor is closed by a variable tuning capacitor.
After a long period being QRT, I returned to ham radio in the year 2000, at a new QTH as an antenna restricted ham. No taps on coils for band changing and no whip adjustments needed to fine tune. Even minor frequency changes will require you to retune the antenna, but in exchange the antenna provides superior rejection of unwanted signal reception—giving the best receive gain and the lowest SWR on transmit.

I will try to explain in few words how the small magnetic loop antenna works. Within fifteen minutes of receiving the antenna, I had it set up in a bedroom and working Europe on 17 meters with 5 watts through the window. Please upgrade your browser from current version(UC Mobile UCBrowser for Windows - 7). Another great feature of this antenna is the deep null 90 degrees off axis--you can easily null out noise sources.

I was over the moon to get a 5,7 report on 6 Watts. The AlexLoop Walkham was designed by PY1AHD Alexandre Grimberg and has had over twelve years of research and constant improvements. 20 watts PEP SSB, 10 watts FM/AMItems Included:- AlexLoop Walkham Premier Loop parts- Manual tuning box built into the base of the antenna (model with AlexTune has tuning indicator LED) - 8.5 ft. coaxial cable included, with BNC connector- Soft Carry Bag, total antenna pack weight including bag: 3.3 lbs., Carry Bag size (WHD): 16.1 x 10.6 x 3.5 in. Best Tech Advice and Customer Support, before and after your purchase! The cable is equipped with a BNC connector so you can start operatiing right away. The AlexLoop Walkham Premier Small Magnetic Loop antenna can be quickly mounted and disassembled for easy carrying. They aren't cheap, but quality never is. I've busted pileups with 5w. The cable is equipped with a, Manual tuning box built-in in the base of the antenna. My name is Alexandre Grimberg, PY1AHD, and I was born in October, 1949, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
All the antennas are carefully handmade by myself, and are fully tested before shipment. AlexLoop Walkham Premier Portable Small Magnetic Loop Antenna. The loop has a diameter of 1m and handles up to 20W pep or 10W CW. The AlexLoop has been the long-term gold standard of the portable magnetic loop antennas. 2) The magnetic loop antenna is a high “Q” device, so the bandwidth is very narrow. Alex has developed this antenna bringing costantly improvements since more then ten years, The AlexLoop antenna can be easily mounted and disassembled for easy carrying. You can use the AlexLoop Walkham antenna supported on windows, balconies or even inside your radio shack. Learn more about TLS.rwddfbtcdswrdbdcabssuxd. No taps on coils for band changing and no whip adjustments needed to fine tune.

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